Four Gleaves-class destroyers (USS Gwin DD-433, USS Meredith DD-434, USS Grayson DD-435 and USS Monssen DD-436), comprised DevDiv 22. In 1942, they were fitted with nine 20mm Oerlikons with four fitted on a modified aft gun deck.
One 20mm gun was fitted in tub on the starboard side next to the forward funnel.

Kraken Hobbies 1:350 scale DesDiv 22 3D printed conversion set gives you a new aft gun deck and solo 20mm gun tube to modify the Dragon Livermore kit to model to this fit. The 3D printed parts are very nicely done and come of rafts with
small attachment points for easy removal. The aft gun deck is a direct replacement for kit part N12. I took some photos of the
Kraken aft gun deck next to the corresponding kit part to show the differences. The set does not provide any 20mm
Oerlikons or ammunition lockers needed to outfit the model, however
Kraken does sell 20mm Oerlikons separately. You will need obtain the ammo lockers from another source and other Steel Navy sponsors have 3D printed versions available to
purchase. No instructions are provided but the set is very straight-forward. There are photos on the
Kraken Hobbies website which help show the position of the forward gun tub and the details of the aft gun deck.

The set comes in a small plastic clamshell box with the rafts attached to double-side tape to prevent them from moving and damage during shipping. The double-sided tape is really strong, and it was a bit difficult removing the rafts from it. I had to use a
chisel blade to free them. I broke off one of the supports on the 20mm gun tub raft freeing it from the tape, so you need to be careful removing them.
The Kraken Hobbies DesDiv 22 3D printed conversion set is an excellent product. The very high-quality parts allow you build the Dragon 1:350 scale Livermore kit into one of the four ships in DesDiv 22 as they appeared during the action at
Guadalcanal with minimal effort. My thanks to
Matt Enochs at Kraken Hobbies for providing the review sample.

Felix Bustelo
New York