The French Marine Nationale Aquilon fighter jet was a license built version of the British de Havilland FAW.20 Sea Venom. A total of 121 Aquilon (which translates
to north wind) variants of the
Sea Venom were constructed by SNCASE or Sud-Est. The Aquilon saw service with the French Navy until withdrawn in 1963.
Going back to their 1:400 scale roots,
L’Arsenal 2.0 has released this accessory set that comes with five resin Aquilon aircraft and a fret of photo-etch parts packaged
in a zip-lock bag. The airframe is cast as one-piece: fuselage, wings and distinctive twin boom tail. The casting has good details, like recessed flaps, control surfaces
and cockpit. If you feel adventurous, you can cut the wings at the recessed joints to depict the
Aquilon with wings folded. Each airplane is free of a casting runner but
has a lot of resin film to remove and clean up. Underneath there are locater holes for the photo-etch landing gear.

The photo-etch parts include nose landing gear, main landing gear and landing gear doors. You get enough to equip six aircraft, so you have some extras in case you
lose a particular part. There are no assembly instructions or diagram provided on the reverse of the label insert, but the location of the photo-etch parts are pretty
obvious. No decals are provided but a set of Marine Nationale aircraft roundels are available separately from
L’Arsenal. Overall, this is a good aircraft accessory set
that will help you populate the flight deck of the old and venerable Heller
Clemenceau kit, which was the only Marine National aircraft carrier to embark these jets.
Felix Bustelo