Barges are a common sight in harbors, come in various shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of reasons. L’Arsenal has released a set of barges
in 1/350 scale to use in diorama settings. This resin set provides a total of three water-lined barges with two different loads: one carrying coal and two
carrying sacks. The barges are typical of the type seen in France and likely other European countries in the earlier part of the 20th Century.

The castings are fairly clean though there is some resin film that needs to be removed and some bits of overpour that must be cleaned up. The walls
around the cargo area are warped in some spots, most likely due to the casting process. This can be fixed using thin plastic strip of the same size.
Also some air bubbles need to be filled in the coal and sacks, which is a simple fix. There are no painting instructions with this set but my guess is
that the hulls would most likely be black or very dark gray and the cargo either coal black or hemp or burlap.
This is a neat set that will add detail to a harbor or ship at anchor vignette. My thanks to L’Arsenal for the sample.
Felix Bustelo