The dhow is a common sight along the coasts of the Persian Gulf, Yemen, East Africa and South Asia. The term dhow is more of a generic name to categorize
traditional Arabic sailing vessels with one or more masts with lateen sails that are found in these waters. Dhows are used as trading vessels to transport heavy
items, such as fruit, fresh water or merchandise.
L’Arsenal 2.0 recently released a small model of a dhow that is comprised of a resin hull, mast and yard and
some tissue-like paper to cut into the lateen sail. The hull is well cast with a good amount of detail such a support frames along the bulkheads, hatches and
planking on the deck. The hull has a flat bottom so that it can be placed in a diorama setting. The resin masts are also well detail but may be prone to warping due
to the media. You can use the resin masts as templates to scratch build replacements with brass wire. No cargo loads are included, so you will have to use other
sources for sacks, barrels or crates.
L’Arsenal has such items available in their line of accessories. The instructions are simple and are comprised of a template
for the sail to cut the paper supplied with in the bag. There is also a template to assemble the mast and yard in the correct angle. You will have to search the
Internet for images of dhows to paint your model.
This accessory set will add some “local” flavor to your vignette of a navy ship visiting a Persian Gulf port and it is a simple model to build. My thanks to L’
Arsenal 2.0
for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo