The Willys MB, more commonly known as the Jeep, is probably the most recognized military vehicle from World War II. Between 1941 and 1945, approximately
460,000 of these tough 4-wheel drive utility vehicles were built and used by the United States and allied forces. Post-war versions were produced for military purposes
but a civilian model, the Jeep CJ, also became popular and led to several generations of recreational 4-wheel drive vehicles.

L’Arsenal, as part of its growing line of 1:350 scale vehicles, has produced a set of resin Willys MB Jeeps, with 10 included in each bag. Also provided in the bag are
5 canvas tops. They are well detailed little vehicles that require little clean up other than removing them from the resin casting blocks. Such details the tire treads,
wheel hubs, front grill and the gas can are represented. This is possible as the master was produced using detailed CAD drawings and rapid-prototyping technology.
The only complaint is that the windshield is done in resin and as a result is solid with the window panes recessed. I think that these should have been done in photo-
etch, so that the window frames could be open and the glass recreated with Microscale Krystal Klear or some other glazing medium. The resin is so thin that it is just
about impossible to open the frames up without destroying the part. Instead you will have to paint the windows.
Overall this is a good accessory set with numerous applications and diorama possibilities and 10 to a bag you do get a lot for your money. My thanks to L’Arsenal
for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo