The Trumpeter 1:350 scale Richelieu kit has some problems, especially the anchor arrangement, but at that size it certainly is tempting to build this beautiful, graceful
battleship. There is certainly no need to make due with the main gun turrets that is supplied in the kit when you can add these beautiful
Richelieu turrets from France,
the country of the graceful original.
L'Arsenal has produced a replacement set of turrets for Richelieu with resin and brass photo-etch parts and turned brass gun
barrels. As you will see from the photographs, each turret is slightly different. The set includes the turrets, anti-aircraft guns, AA gun platforms and blast bags in resin
and railing in brass photo-etch. B turret is the one with the rear crown cupola. The turrets have very well done cupolas, crown side and front face vertical ladders and
nice deep gun openings. The nicely textured blast bags are designed to have the guns at about a 35-40 degree angle. My only regret is that there is not another set of
blast bags to have the barrels horizontally. The turned brass barrels are exquisite with substantially hollow muzzles. There is no instruction sheet, which is unfortunate
because the placement of the AA gun platforms and photo-etch for B turret is not obvious. For fanciers of the
Richelieu, this L'Arsenal set is a must have.
Steve Backer