L’Arsenal has produced an extensive and growing line of resin vehicles and armor in 1/350 for use in dioramas. This decal set provides white stars to adorn the US
Army vehicles and red crosses to identify ambulances and medical vehicles. The white stars come in two styles, with and without a white circle, and in two sizes for
each style. You get 52 small white stars with a circle and 65 without and for the larger stars, 52 with a circle and 60 without. The red crosses on a field of white also
come in two sizes with 5 large and 8 small. The red crosses are generic and could be used on other allied vehicles. The decal sheet comes in a small zip lock bag with a
protective sheet of paper. Unfortunately the ink must not have fully dried and it remained tacky as the paper got stuck to the decals. When I removed it from the decal
sheet you can see paper residue stuck to the decals. Also the decals are printed on one clear transfer layer, so each individual red cross and star will have to be cut out
and trimmed before application. The package label comes with some basic decal application instructions. I applied two stars from the sheet to some vehicles I am using
in a vignette and some residue from the protective sheet remained on the decal. I was able to remove it but in the end it was an extra step. The decals reacted well to
MicroSet and MicroSol solutions. In the end I was satisfied with the results.
This is a good decal set to have if you plan to use 1/350 scale American vehicles from L’Arsenal or other manufacturers and it provides enough markings to apply
on a fleet of vehicles. Though my sample had issues with the protective paper adhering to the decals, this may not happen to others and it shouldn’t deter you from
getting one.
Felix Bustelo