David Henning of Arkansas built this Landing Craft as the USS LCI(G)-449, Landing Craft Infantry (Gun) for the 2019 US IPMS National Convention. He chose the ancient Lindberg kit in 1:160 scale. The model represents the craft at Iwo Jima on
February 17, 1945 and was almost totally reworked. The basic hull was retained but the bow was filled and sanded to the correct shape. Shapeway parts were used for the conning tower, gun tubs, mast, machine guns, Oerlikons, Bofers, inclined ladder
superstructure, smoke generator, anchor winch, figures, life buoys, fire hoses, doors, and ammunition lockers. The rocket launchers were scratch-built, using Evergreen plastic and N scale photo-etch farm gates.. Gold Medal Models N Scale vertical and
inclined ladders were added. Other photo-etch used were the stanchions by Saemann.