HMS Warrior, Scratch-Build 1:700 Scale - Two years ago on 31st of May, it was 100 years ago that the Battle of Jutland was fought. Looking over the unlucky ships
to whom in my opinion, received the least attention over the years, I found
SMS Pommern and HMS Warrior. Of both ships I didn’t see many models around so far,
although the
Warrior is of a peculiar design. In memorial I have tried to build a model of the HMS Warrior.
The inspiration of building the Warrior came from a picture I found in my ‘library’. It is a picture with the title: “Lion after being hit on Q-turret”. Looking at this picture
you can also see
Princess Royal and probably Tiger just behind HMS Lion. More curiously you can see two ships on the left steaming in opposite direction. Trying to
imagine what is happening in this picture, it is my conclusion that we are looking at the confusing moments at Windy Corner in which vice-admiral Beatty - with the
German battlecruisers in pursuit - is splitting the 1st cruiser squadron of rear-admiral Arbuthnot in half. On the left we see
Defence and Warrior heading south-west,
charging on the light cruisers of Konteradmiral Boedicker. The
Black Prince and Duke of Edinburgh are being cut off from the action. What had been avoided by rear-
Admiral Troubridge 2 years earlier (declined to engage the
SMS Goeben with his armored cruisers in 1914), happened next all the same: The Defence and Warrior came
under the devastating fire of the German battlecruisers which had lost contact with their original targets by the dense clouds of smoke. The
Defence went down quickly,
Warrior received a punishment but then was saved (for the moment) by the unintentional passing by of the Warspite, which was out of control at that moment. The
Warrior eventually sank the next day while in tow by HMS Engadine.
The model is scratch-built in 1:700 scale. I started around 1st May 2016 in the expectation it would be finished at the end of May, just in time. But it took me almost a
year, hampered by worsening sight and trembling hands as I grow older and a family to attend to as well. Some pictures of the building-up are included for inspiring
other modellers in scratch building which is absolute fun. First eating the pie and then using the pie box for ship model building. As you probably can see there are
model builders and there are ordinary people like me. The model is a bit crude, nevertheless I hope the fine and low lines of the design will be presented sufficiently to
get the attention the real
Warrior deserves: she doesn’t sail but slides along the waves.
Henk Lindeman
The Netherlands