LOOSE CANNON EAST KIT LIST as of 28 March 2021

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All Models are 1/700 Waterline Scale Individual Kit Pictures & “What’s in the Box” Info upon Request.
Kit #
Kit # ZR-1
USS SHENANDOAH US Navy Dirigible 1924
  USS Shenandoah ZR-1, USN Airship, Loose Cannon East 1:700 Scale, Built by David Angelo - David Angelo of Loose Cannon East shows his build of his latest creation for Loose Cannon East, the USN airship,
USS Shenandoah in 1:700 scale.
Kit #12
T-2 TYPE US NAVY Oiler 1944
Kit #13
  1:700th scale Loose Cannon  Productions SS Lyons Creek Tanker review by John Sheridan
Kit #43
USS Sangamon Class CVE 1942
Kit #44
USS CHENANGO, USS Sangamon Class CVE 1942
Kit #45
  USS Long Island, FDR's Baby, Loose Cannon 1:700 Scale  - The Loose Cannon 1:700 scale USS Long Island is an extraordinarily impressive kit packed with detail and a large number of parts for construction of
FDR’s baby, the first USN escort carrier. It presents a delightful mixture of odd, asymmetrical and generally bizarre construction features for a carrier conversion slapped on a merchant hull at the President’s direction
and features a profile higher than any other escort carrier. Because of the intricate and numerous brass flight deck support structures, the
Long Island is not really suitable for beginners.
Kit #90
USS PAWNEE ATF as added to any other kit purchase
Kit #90
USS PAWNEE ATF as purchased separately
  USS Pawnee, Fleet Ocean Tug 1944, Loose Cannon 1:700 Scale - Dave Angelo might be roasting on the beach at Jacksonville, Florida (now the Philippines), but his 1:700 scale model of the USN fleet tug USS
is cool! Although small, the Loose Cannon Pawnee provides a wealth of resin and brass detail. Although the model will build into a beautiful stand alone miniature, with its late war fit, it shouts to be part of a
diorama along with a model of
USS Houston.
Kit #93
  SS Californian 1902, British Cargo Steamer, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale - Don’t be a Stanley Lord, asleep at the switch when destiny comes-a-calling. When you see those white distress rockets, thanks to
Loose Cannon’s 1:700 scale SS Californian, you can steam your pink funneled pride to save Leonardo DiCaprio and more importantly rescue lovely Kate Winslet from the icy fingers of the North Atlantic .
Kit #130
  USS Patoka AO-09, Airship Tender, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall, I think this is a very good and complex kit of a very unique ship in the U.S. Navy. You are certainly going to
see a kit of the
Patoka in any fit or scale from any of the plastic kit producers. Due to the complex assembly of the photo-etch mooring mast, I would recommend this kit to experienced modelers but I do recommend
this model to anyone wishing to build an obscure ship from era of significant experimentation.
Kit #131
Kit #140
US Army Hospital Ship WISTERIA 1945
Kit #141
EMPIRE LIBERTY 1940 British North Sands type freighter.
Kit #142
USS LUZON ARG 2 1944 Liberty Ship Conversion
Kit #144
USS TANGIER AV 8 as at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 1941
  USS Tangier AV-8, Large Seaplane Tender December 7, 1941, Loose Cannon East 1:700 Scale, Test-Build by David Angelo - Here's a bunch of photographs of My Blue Tangier, David Angelo's test build of the
USS Tangier AV- 8 large seaplane tender kit, as she appeared at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It is Dave's newest release from Loose Cannon East in 1:700 scale. It's not quite an Out of the Box build, he had to
scratch build the upper masts, mostly out of thin wire. They are just too small & delicate for resin castings.
  USS Albemarle AV-5, USN Seaplane/Flying BoatTender, Loose Cannon East 1:700 Scale, Built by Richard Sliwka, Entered in the 2019 US !PMS Nationals - One of Loose Cannon East's latest creations could be
found at the
2019 US IPMS National Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Richard Sliwka came east from Missouri to enter his build of the USS Albemarle AV-5, seaplane/flying boat tender in 1:700 scale.
  USS Albemarle AV-5 1944, Curtiss Class Seaplane Tender, Loose Cannon East 1:700 Scale, Built by David Angelo - The latest releases from Loose Cannon East are both ships of the Curtiss Class Seaplane
USS Curtiss AV-4 and USS Albemarle AV-5, in 1:700 scale. Dave built the Albemarle in the dazzle scheme of 1944 when the ship finished her refit at the Boston Navy Yard.
  SS Palo Alto, Concrete Tanker, Loose Cannon East 1:700 Scale, By David Angelo of Loose Cannon East -  This is SS Palo Alto, a ferro cement ship built at the end of WWI for the Emergency Fleet Corporation as
EFC Design 1100.
Palo Alto was designed as a freighter, modified while building to be a tanker. They kept the machinery amidships, rather than moving it aft like a conventional tanker.