These are photos of the Isaac M Scott, Great Lakes ore carrier of 1911. The ship was one of 30 some ships that were lost in the Great Storm of November 1913. A
friend of Hugh Letterly’s, Bob Nixon, built the master for the kit. His Great Uncle was Engineer Officer aboard the Scott that night, and was lost with her. Unlike the
other models I’ve built, this is not an Out of the Box build. I found the forward superstructure was too tall so I cut down both levels by about .030” each. For the rigging
I used .003” wire. I think it looks better than the .007” I’d used previously. The masts are .030” brass rod that I tapered and added bits of evergreen for the lights. The
paints are Model Masters White and Rust, and the Black is Vallejo Black Grey.  Bob specified a brighter mix of red & orange for the deck but all I had here was the MM
Rust, which is a close match to the usual primer red deck paint.
David Angelo
The Philippines