I was struck by the shape of USNS Comfort from the first time I saw it, then I studied it's history and what intrigued me was it's origin as an oil tanker then converted into a hospital ship together with its sister USNS Mercy. I decided, therefore, to
try a road never traveled by me and I covered the hull with strips of Evergreen going forward step by step. I do not hide the fact that the work was hard to build all over-bridge superstructures from scratch, but going forward I realized that the
lines were captivating. I added all the details that scratch-build does not provide and I tried to get as close as possible to reality.

The model is almost finished, the American flag is missing and some forklift on the Helo pad. I realize that it has imperfections, but to be the first model of this type, I consider myself quite satisfied. There is a 1/700 scale model produced by
Shapeways, but I preferred to start from scratch, rather than modify a subject produced with material difficult to work with. Since I got a taste for it, now I'm building the
USNS Lewis B. Puller ESB-3 always in scratch-build

Maurizio Chiaro