The 1/350 scale Trumpeter JMSDF Murasame kit  is bundled with three basic photo-etch frets. Two have lengths of railings and helicopter deck
netting and one has vent grills. However the Trumpeter supplied etch is not very refined and the vent grills are actually solid. To address these
shortcomings MK1 Design by Ka-Models has a detail set with two frets of very well done relief-etched photo-etch and 13 turned brass parts
specifically designed for this kit. This set has parts for the as launched fit (“Early Version”) and some for an updated fit (“Late Version”). Each part is
identified by a number etched into the fret.

Fret A is chock full of pre-measured railings for all sections of the ship, including the catwalks in the hangar. Since the railings are pre-measured, there
is no need to determine proper lengths and cut into sections. All you need to do is to remove it from the fret and, when needed, bend into the
appropriate shape. Other parts on this fret include inclined ladders, platforms, and aerials and electronics for the mast and yards. Some replacement
bulwarks for the later fit bridge structure is included here as well. And yes, those are bicycles you see, though the instructions really don’t show
where they would go. My guess is that they would be stored in the hangar.
Fret B contains hand grabs for the funnel structures, vent grills, helicopter flight deck netting, rotors for the helicopter in both folded and deployed
versions, the breakwater, mast platform supports and several platforms used for the later fit. Parts for the smaller machine guns are also provided as
well as for other details. The vent grills are actually miniature grills and not solid like the Trumpeter version as you can see in the photo.

As mentioned before the this set includes a total of 13 turned brass parts, which include the barrel for the 76mm Oto Melara gun, various antennas in
different sizes and two SatCom domes for the later fit that are not included with the kit. These parts are well done and just require clipping off the little
bit of extra brass at the end that is a result of the turning process. A decal sheet with the flight deck markings is also included in this set.
The instructions are printed in color on a double sided sheet of paper. The instructions are fully illustrated with clear photos of an actual build with
each part identified by its number prefixed with A or B representing which fret it can be found on. The turned brass parts are prefixed with an M.
Some of the sub-assemblies are shown in well-done diagrams. Overall the instructions are excellent and early and late fit differences are noted. My
only complaint is that the photos are a tad small in some instances.
Felix Bustelo
My opinion is that this is a very complete and well designed set by MK1 Design that will go a long way to detail to a good kit. If you have
experience with Gold Medal Models or White Ensign Model products, then this set should be no problem for you to use. I like that alternate parts
for a later fit
Murasame are included. If you want to do justice to the Trumpeter kit then this set is a must buy. My thanks to Ka-Models for the
review sample.