In the 1950's the Royal Navy needed a new generation of jet aircraft to protect against the rising power of the rapidly expanding Soviet fleet. Among the many priorities was a new strike aircraft capable
of surface strikes with conventional munitions, as well as possessing the additional capability of a nuclear strike platform. In June 1952 the specifications were released to the aircraft manufacturers for
design bids. Specifications required a two seat attack aircraft capable of carrying 8,000 pounds of ordnance. The design had to be capable of 550 knots at sea level and with a range of 400 miles at sea
level and/or 800 miles at altitude. Blackburn Aircraft, later acquired by the Siddeley Hawker Group, won the bid in July 1955 with their Blackburn S.1 Buccaneer. The aircraft's first flight was April 30,
1958. Initially powered by two de Havilland Gyron Junior engines producing 7,100 pounds of thrust, the aircraft was underpowered with detrimental effects on range and payload. A new version was
prepared carrying two Rolls Royce Spey engines producing 40% more power mounted in enlarged engine nacelles. This was the S.2 Buccaneer, which was announced in January 1962. The Buccaneer
S.1 entered fleet service in July 1962 replacing the Supermarine Scimitar. The Buccanneer S.1 served until December 1970 when as a consequence of two accidents, caused by the under powered
engines, all of the S.1 aircraft were grounded and subsequently retired. The Buccaneer S.2 had entered service in 1965 and remained operational on British aircraft carriers until the retirement of the last
HMS Ark Royal, in 1978. However, the Buccaneer continued to fly with the RAF and the South African Air Force. It had a long service life and the ground based Buccaneers were not retired
until 1994.
MT Miniatures produces two versions of the Buccaneer in 1:700 scale made with spun white metal. You can get the aircraft with extended wings, ready for flight, or as shown here, with
wings folded for storage on the flight deck or hangar. They come three to a bag and need some clean up of metal flash before painting.