This kit is a recent issue by M T Miniatures, and features HMS Bristol, a one-off destroyer project by the Royal
Navy. The design features a triple funnel configuration, and the timber decks make this one of the last ships to use
this material as the main deck covering. The ship was present for the South Atlantic Falklands campaign, and is part
of my South Atlantic presentation which includes HMS Burdock 1941.

The M T Miniatures kit I believed could be presented in a number of ways depending on skill level, and what display
requirements there might be. In my appraisal of the kit I identified six ways to complete the kit :

1/. Unpainted but ready-made.
2/. Ready-made but painted (M T Miniatures market this option).
3/. Build the kit out of the box.
4/. Build the kit out of the box and paint it.
5/. Build the kit out of the box and super detail it with dedicated photo etch.
6/. Look at the various improvements and revisions to the kit and make necessary alterations and include dedicated
photo etch. Because of the manufacturing process, and a need to keep the kits cost effective, many features are
summarised or blocked out to make the mastering easier.
My part build of the kit was to use the out of the box parts and details and paint it then photograph it, but then I took
this a couple of steps further with some alterations although I could have gone a lot further, and the use of dedicated
photo etch for many upgrades, and replacements of kit parts.

Listening to comments at the various shows we attend as, it occurs to me that not everyone feels
the need or has the time and skills to spend on a finely detailed presentation and so I underline for you the above six
presentation formats, and commend M T Miniatures for making all of these possible.

My detailed build was based on large scale plans and sections of the ship combined with White Ensign Models Type
42 Frigate photo etch. The aerials are shop bought metal rods, and the rigging is Caenis fishing line. I had three or
four pictures in my collection however there are sufficient details on the internet.
HMS Bristol : data :

7000 tonnes Type 82 destroyer with 397 crew.
length 155m. Beam 17m. Draught 7.5m.
2 x 30,00 steam turbines giving 28 knots speed.
Range 10,650 km.
Armament : Sea Dart, Ikara, 4.5 in. mark 8 gun, Limbo.

HMS Bristol’s role was never fulfilled as built and she became a training ship right from the start until her refit in
1976 after a fire in the engine room.
Bristol then became flagship in 1981 in exercise “Ocean Safari”. The
quarterdeck was then made into a landing platform in time for the Falklands expedition in 1982 becoming part of
carrier battle group 317.8. In 2010-2011
HMS Bristol was refitted at A&P Tyne, Hebburn to extend the service
by up to 10 years.

Peter Fulgoney –January 2012