Well it’s about damn time!  There I got it off my chest and I feel better thank you. For years now, I have been waiting for an aftermarket producer to come up with a
proper set of 10.5cm/40 SK L/40 guns to replace the awful versions in the Revell-Germany
Emden and Dresden kits. Somehow, the design team at Revell-Germany
didn’t notice that the 10.5cm deck guns were shielded and not really turrets. This was a major flaw in an otherwise pretty nice kit.

Now thanks to Micro Master, the wait is over with this set of 3D printed 10.5cm/40 SK L/40 guns. The set contains 6 shielded mounts and 5 unshielded mounts. You
only need four of the unshielded mounts so you get a spare one in the bargain. The mounts are printed using Frosted Extreme Detail materials. This process produces
much finer and detailed parts but which are stronger and has less stepping from print lines, which reduces time spent cleaning up the parts.

The mounts come on sprue tree attached at the base. The shielded mounts are one piece, which reduces assembly time and compared to the two-part kit versions, are
light years superior. You may need to open up the vision ports a little bit in a couple of the shields. The unshielded mounts are much more detailed than the kit versions
as well. While it is hard to see in the photos, the mount bases have rivets. All you need to do is add photo-etch hand wheels to the mounts to detail them.
The German 10.5cm/40 SK L/40 Guns set is a most welcome accessory set that corrects a major flaw in the Revell Emden/Dresden kits and it is highly
recommended. You can order this set through the Micro Master page on www.shapeways.com. My thanks to Micro Master for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo