The fighting Kiwi, Simon Percival, of New Zealand has designed a second type of Royal Navy doors in 1:200 scale for his company, Micro Master.  These are the
waffle pattern doors used by the Royal Navy for World War Two construction in contrast to the World War One pattern doors reviewed previously. (
Micro Master
1:200 scale doors of the World War One pattern) The doors are beautifully detailed and cast on a sprue for easy painting. In this scale, they are head and shoulders
more detailed than relief-etched brass photo-etch, as they are truly 3D. Produced by Shapeways, please wash the doors with detergent to remove any residue of
casting, dry and then place in direct sunlight for a few hours to ensure they are fully cured. All we need now is for HobbyBoss or Trumpeter to produce a 1:200 scale
Town Class cruiser, Tribal Class destroyer, although a  KGV/Prince of Wales would be delightful.
Steve Backer