If you have a fondness for the warships of the Royal Navy and Commonwealth, do yourself a favor and examine the web site of Micro Master, which is based in
New Zealand.
Micro Master produces a huge range of fittings and equipment in every scale for RN warship kits. The parts are 3D printed and of extraordinary detail.
Micro Master produces two different sets of Royal Navy doors in 1:200 scale. One set is of the World War One pattern, which was used in construction into the
1920s. The other set is the World War Two waffle pattern.

This review show the
Micro Master World War One pattern RN doors in 1:200 scale. If you have a Trumpeter Hood, Rodney or Nelson in 1:200 scale, they are right
down your alley. I have not looked at the door details on the Japanese
Mikasa but I suspect that the Micro Master doors would be perfect for that kit as well, since
this pattern started in the 1890s and the
Mikasa was British built. Detail on each door includes fastening clips (dogs), hinges, seals and frame. As with other
Shapeways printed products, wash the doors using a mild detergent and then allow them to sit in sunlight for a few hours to ensure that the resin is fully cured.
recommends using water based acrylic paints. The Micro Master RN WWI doors come with two sprues, with each sprue having slightly different sizes. One
sprue has doors that replicated doors that are 6-feet high and 2-feet 6-inches wide. The other sprue replicates doors that were 5-feet 6-inches tall and 3-feet 6-inches
wide. Of course you'll have to sand off the plastic door including frame before attaching the
Micro Master door.
Micro Master provides the modeler the opportunity to magically change the Plain Jane plastic doors on the Trumpeter 1:200 scale HMS Hood, HMS Rodney, HMS
or HobbyBoss Mikasa into Super Model doors in dazzling array. In 1:200 scale the differences are stark. The Micro Master Royal Navy World War One
pattern doors is an outstanding product.
Steve Backer