The USS Stewart DD-224 was badly damaged at the beginning of WW2 in dry dock in Java. Scuttled by her crew, the Stewart was considered a war loss to the USN. The IJN decided to salvage the destroyer and raised the ship. Taking 18 months to do.
On Sept 20,1943 the
P-102 was commissioned as a patrol boat. Found at the war's  end in Japan, the P-102 was credited with sinking 2 US subs and shooting down 3 US planes. The kit made by Mirage Hobby in 1/400 scale depicts the ship in 1945-47
layout. I opted for the commissioning layout of 1943.I found  this website Combined that details operational histories, such as the
P-102, under Patrol Boats in the Tokumo Kansen section. (Editor's Note: All photographic labels
show D-224 instead of the correct DD-224.)

Craig Bennett
New Jersey