Miscellaneous Gallery Images

August 2018 Mystery Model - Here is the first Mystery Model of 2018. Unless you are a initiate of the Illuminati, there is no way you can identify the name of the model subject, scale and manufacturer. You may get the name
of the model and/or scale but there is no way you can be correct on the manufacturer's name.
November 2017 Mystery Model - It has been a long, long time since we have had a Mystery Model, so it is past due for one. This kit is very close to release but is not quite there yet. Can you identify the name of the ship,
manufacturer and scale. If so, post on the message board.
Lars Scharff had it right. It is a Leahy Class model in 1:700 scale by Admiralty Model Works.
Free Time Hobbies 2016 Fall Festival IPMS Show -This only touches the surface about visiting Free Time Hobbies. It is extra special during their yearly Fall Festival IPMS Show but it is great to go to the Shrine anytime.
If you visit, do yourself a favor and save up for the visit. I guarantee that you'll find so many kits, accessories, books, etc, that you'll have to prioritise your purchases. If you are near Atlanta, northern Georgia, southeastern
Tennessee or just want to make a fulfilling pilgrimage,
Free Time Hobbies in Blue Ridge, Georgia is your destination.
Free Time Hobbies Grand Opening/ 2015 Fall Festival -Freetime Hobbies opened their new store in late July 2015 but scheduled the official Grand Opening and model contest for October 10, 2015. These are photographs
from the event.
Tromp, Dutch Light Cruiser, Pacific Crossroads 1:350 Scale, CAD Images - For all modelers who are intrigued by the short unhappy life of ABDA Force in the Java Sea in January and February 1942, Pacific Crossroads of
Saint Petersburg, Russia is a savior.
Pacific Crossroads has to this point concentrated on the Royal Dutch naval forces located in the Dutch East Indies at the start of the war in the pacific. Already produced are the cruiser De
, Dutch destroyers, and Dutch naval aircraft. The force is about to get a reinforcement in the form of the light cruiser Tromp, which was the newest of the light cruisers of the Netherlands.
Telford, UK, IPMS Show November 2012, Photographs by Bruno Gire - Bruno Gire successfully accomplished what his countryman, Napoleon Bonaparte, could never do. Bruno crossed the Channel and
invaded England. His mission was to ascertain what the perfidious albions were up to at their secret base in Telford. Here are the shocking photographs of their activities. Vive La France!!!
July 2011 Sizzling Summer Mystery Model - Instead of standing under the sun and suffering heat stroke, you can pass your time inside, in cool air conditioning studying silhouettes to guess the identity of this July Sizzling
Summer Mystery Model. For those venturing to toasty Omaha for the IPMS convention, you'll be able to see the model at one of the vendors tables.  
August 2010 Mystery Model #1 - The July Mystery Models were soft balls served up on a plate for batting practice compared to this high, hard chin music August Mystery Model. I anticipate only an insider will know this one.
July 2010 Mystery Model #4 - Well, with Saturday's July Mystery Model #3, it makes sense to have a bookends weekend with July Mystery Model #4 for Sunday. The two make a perfect pair as they had so much in common.
July 2010 Mystery Model #3 - Cat got your tongue? Are you shy about guessing the identity of Mystery Models? This splendid example of a model should be an easy guess. So don't be a fraidy cat and give it a try.
July 2010 Mystery Model #2 - Yes, that's right, the second Mystery Model in the week. With the July Mystery Model 1, posted 05 July, Germa Coenders stated that mystery models have been few and far between. Well, here
is another one and I'll help you guess the name, scale and manufacturer be letting you know that this is not the sister ship of the first Mystery Model for July. If you look closely, you'll notice some subtle differences between
this model the one posted three days ago. They do ,however, have one thing in common but what is it?  
No fair, an anonymous poster calling himself The Mole stated "Foxtrot class Soviet sub, 1:350 scale, Admiralty
Model Works." Obviously an insider but correct and should be available at the Nationals.
July 2010 Mystery Model - Let the fireworks continue with this July Mystery Model. Gee, I wonder what this ship is? I wonder what the scale is and who is the producer? This won't be too much of a stumper. Chris Preston
had the first correct answer with "Hhmmm............looks like a 1/350th DKM SCHARNHORST by Dragon."
May Day Morris Dancer Madness Mystery Model - OK, time to get out of your May Day Morris Dancer outfit and get down to this Mystery Model. Identifying the ship should be easy, as the model simply shouts its name but
who is the manufacturer and what is the scale? Only a few minutes after posting the photographs Simon Scheuer posted "May Mystery Model - SMS Von der Tann - 1/700 Kombrig, what more is there to say."
2010 Dragon Catalog - You may have heard of three upcoming 1:350 scale warship kits, two of which, a German Z39 destroyer and the USS Independence CVL-22 get one photograph each but the biggest
release is the German battleship Scharnhorst 1943, which gets an entire page.
Buds of Spring #2 - The first shoot of spring was a big, burly baby bud with seven main gun turrets in 1:350 scale. This second bud is from a different species of the 1:350 floral family but has its own attractions.
Buds of Spring #1 - Yes, February 27th is here with only one more day to go to reach March.  The earth is stirring and waking from a frozen hibernation. Likewise new warship kits are appearing at the break of spring. Here is
one of the early shoots but this one is a big, burly bud in 1:350 scale.
Thanksgiving 2009 Mystery Model - There is no need to wait until Thursday to start your Thanksgiving Day feast with this Thanksgiving Mystery Model. You may enjoy a roast turkey meal on Thanksgiving but with model
warship kits there is no need to get a gobbler when you can enjoy prime cuts like this.
Preview of USS Intrepid, SCB-125 Angled Deck Essex Class, Ships & Company 1:700 Scale - Ships & Company are preparing to release their own 1:700 scale SCB-125 angled deck Essex, the USS Intrepid. Here are some
photographs of the initial casting with some parts dry-fitted to give an idea of appearance.
October 2008 Mystery Model - The moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter is aligned with Mars....so it must be time for a Mystery Model. What is this Mysterion, who is the conjurer, and in what scale?
Lion Roar - New Items in 1:700 & 1:350 Scales July 2008 - Lion Roar is coming out with some interesting items in 1:700 scale. For Imperial Japanese Navy carrier commanders there is a line of aircraft. For all Hood
hooligans, how about a super-detail set for the Great Ship with 1941 and 1931 fits?
Ships of India, 1:400 to 1:700 Scale, Built by Ullhas Chogle - Ullhas Chogle of India presents four of his models of ships of his country's navy. Included is the INS Jalashwa by JAG and IJN Rajput by Combrig in 1:700
scale and the
INS Ajay and INS Prabal in 1:400 scale by Mirage.
USS Princeton CVS-37, Drgon 1:700 Scale, Preview Poster - Fresh from Dragon is a poster on their forthcoming release of the USS Princeton CVS-37. This version of the classic Essex design was used for antisubmarine
Dragon Preview, USS Buchanan DD-484 1942, 1:350 Scale - Dragon sent the box art for the bottom of the box for their upcoming 1:350 scale USS Buchanan DD-484 1942. The Buchanan is a member of the Gleaves
October 2007 Mystery Model #8 - If you thought that October Mystery Model #7 was a product with strong flavor, this Mystery Model may also appeal to you. Without a doubt this one has a noble lineage with an
exceptionally well balanced blend.
October 2007 Mystery Model #7 - Now this is truly a full bodied product with enough flavor to last all seven days of the week. No way is this designed for epicureans who belief in moderation, this robusto is for those who
believe in glorious excess.
October 2007 Mystery Model #6 - Finally we get to the more robust, full flavored products. Although not the strongest flavored product from this October crop, this fine specimen certainly provides interest for those who enjoy
a full flavored main course.
October 2007 Mystery Model #5 - Before we go to the robusto blends found in the rich bottom lands, let's look at one more medium strength product. Less powerful than some, this blend still exhibits a good combination of
characteristics that provides satisfaction to any epicurean.
October 2007 Mystery Model #4 - After looking at the lighter blends, we continue down the hillside to where the base of the hills level out to the flat bottomlands. Here we find an interesting variety that has more punch than the
lighter products on the hillside but not the punch of the full flavored blends in the heart of the plantation.
October 2007 Mystery Model #3 - Some may say that the bouquet of October Mystery Model #2 is too old fashioned and traditional. For those people October Mystery Model #3 may prove just the tonic. Still light bodied,
this product has a bolder, more modern taste.
October 2007 Mystery Model #2 - This varietal is perfect for the advance course, even though it does not have the punch of the main body vines found in the rich bottom lands. Here is one example of the hillside product.
October 2007 Mystery Model #1 - Sure, I know, you get easily confused. No, this Mystery Model is not HMS Tiger. It may not be a Splendid Cat but it is still the cat's meow. Can you name the ship, scale and manufacturer
October 2007 Mystery Model #1.