When Free Time Hobbies was at its previous location, they would have open house once a month. At one time these were scheduled in conjunction with an IPMS show at the Free Time location. On one of these occasions one of the ship entries was
the Trumpeter
USS Arizona in 1:200 scale. It was an absolutely spectacular presentation and immediately spurred me into buying the kit. At a price of below $200 at several locations, this Arizona kit is the most affordable of the 1:200 WWII battleship
kits. The USN had unique control tops on their older battleships and every battleship at Pearl Harbor had them, whether on a tripod like
Arizona or on a cage masts. Indeed, the control tops on the Arizona kit are a focal point of the model, just as they
were in reality. The Trumpeter control tops can be termed as adequate but not more. This review will look at how they can be dramatically improved with the
Model Monkey Arizona control tops in 1:200 scale. When you look at the contrast of the
Model Monkey tops versus the Trumpeter tops, the difference is overwhelming.
For the Model Monkey Arizona control tops, you get rivet by rivet detail and not just a blank, featureless face. Take a look at the detail around the numerous windows on the three stories of each top. Look at the diagonal and horizontal of the lowest level
of both tops. You will have to snip off the casting points and sand of any remnants but that is a small price to pay to get these beauties on your
Arizona. Each top has the base with tripod leg entrance locations, as well as the top itself. Probably the best
reason to get the
Model Monkey tops is by examining the photographs in which the Model Monkey tops with the corresponding Trumpeter parts. The contrast is stark. The Model Monkey 1:200 scale Arizona control tops are highly recommended
upgrades for the Trumpeter kit..

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama