In 1929, USS Arizona entered Norfolk Naval Yard to begin an approximately two-year modernization, which included replacing her cage masts with fore and main
tripod masts fitted with three-tiered fire control tops. The 1:350 scale Banner
USS Arizona kit versions of these tops are a multi-part affair that quite honestly are a
bit crude.
Model Monkey offers a much more attractive alternative to the kit parts.

Model Monkey versions are printed in very smooth gray resin plastic using printers in their home base in North Carolina. These tops, which are sold separately, are
as they appeared on December 7, 1941. The fore top has the addition of a radar platform and the main top has the structural column that supported a
diamond-shaped "birdbath" machine gun tub that was fitted on the top. The machine gun tub is not included, so you will have to use the kit part. The tops are very
detailed and are one-piece, no need to stack several parts to build one. The tops come on a base with thin attachment points that should make removing the parts
fairly easy. The back of the fore top has a support sprue for the radar platform that will need to be removed. The gray resin material is much smoother than the
white plastic printed using Shapeways and is much easier to paint.
The Model Monkey USS Arizona fore and main tops are superior to the Banner kit parts and are a must to build a quality model from that kit. The gray resin
material makes using these upgrade parts even more attractive. My thanks to Steve at
Model Monkey for the review samples.
Felix Bustelo
New York