The Dragon Ticonderoga CG-47 class cruiser kit is an old kit and is still the only kit of this class of ship in 1:350 scale. It has been reissued numerous times as
different ships in the class and under different brand labels. The kit is showing its age and it does have its issues. One big step to improve the kit is  
Model Monkey’s 3D printed pilot house the Ticonderoga class CG.

The pilot is printed in a matte translucent plastic and comes fully assembled as one piece so you will not have to glue together various parts. As shown in the image of
Dragon kit instructions, the Model Monkey mast replaces parts D7, D8, F39, and F41. The printing is very well done, with great detail and unlike the kit part, it
has open windows. Some cleanup is needed to smooth out the striations that are a by-product of the printing process.
The Ticonderoga class CG pilot house is a welcome replacement part for the 1:350 scale plastic kit, no matter which iteration you may have. My thanks to Steve
at Model Monkey for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York