For decades the angled deck Essex conversion seemed to e standing behind the door when it came to plastic kit releases. There were two golden oldies, the flat bottom
Shangri La in 1:500 scale from Renwal released in the early 1960s, and the even older Revell kit, originally released as USS Essex in the 1950s. I believe that Linburg
also released a small kit of an angled deck
Essex Class. It is still a mystery why no producer has released a 1:700 scale plastic kit of the modernized kit but we finally
have a 1:350 scale model of
USS Intrepid in 1:350 scale from Gallery Models. You don't have to live in New York City, where the actual Intrepid is berthed, or adjoining
Nassau County, where Felix Bustelo is berthed, to appreciate this kit. It is a good kit but as with any kit, it can be improved. Well,behold,
Model Monkey has stepped
into the breech and in addition to releasing upgrades for the old Renwal and Revell kits, has released improvement parts for the Gallery Models
Three decks for the island are included in this set from Model Monkey. They replace the plastic decks included in the kit and are extraordinarily detailed. The greatest
benefit is providing open windows to replace the solid windows in the kit parts. Would you rather have black painted windows on your
Intrepid or glaze the Model
y window openings with Micro-Klear, replicating rows of shimmering glass. Think twice about it because there are a lot of windows on these deck,slanting
downward and upward. There is no debating that the
Model Monkey parts add a superb enhancement to the kit. The three decks are the two bridge decks forward
with catwalks running aft and the aft aviation control deck. Highly recommended!
Steve Backer