When I attended the 2019 US IPMS National Convention, I noticed that one ship was the most popular model in the warship category. That ship was the Mighty Hood. There were at least four Hoods in the competition. Forget the Bismarck, these
Hoods had to duke it out with each other first and even then I don't recall any Bismarck models in the competition. How can you make your Hood stand out from the herd of also rans? Simple, use Model Monkey upgrades for big ticket, showy items
on your
Hood kit. One set of items are the two funnels. These are the Model Monkey replacement funnels for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale Hood. Compare their fidelity to the Trumpeter funnels. Compare the Model Monkey funnels with the John
Roberts drawings in his
Hood Anatomy of the Ship. With Model Monkey, you get rivet detail on the panel bands, fine aprons with holes for the steam pipes and no awkward seams. The lesser Hoods will skeedaddle back to Scapa Flow when they see
the magnificent
Model Monkey funnels on your Hood and the Bismarck, gangway, its back to Kiel. The Model Monkey 1:350 scale HMS Hood funnels are highly recommended to get the best out of your Trumpeter kit.

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama