When Trumpeter released its 1:350 scale kit of the Mighty Hood, a lot of modelers rejoiced that at long last an injection-molded option was available. Prior to the Trumpeter release, the only 1:350 scale options were the fine resin kits from White Ensign
and Iron Shipwrights, which were admittedly pricey for some modeler’s budgets. The Trumpeter kit can be built into a beauty as evidenced by photos in the Model Gallery here on Steel Navy and other the other ship modeling sites.

One of the issues with the Trumpeter kit is that the turrets are a bit heavy on the detail, not the correct size and not entirely accurate for May 1941. The kit parts do not have armored range finder hood caps which are a modification that was made. Also,
each turret had subtle differences which the Trumpeter kit does not address.
The Model Monkey 3D printed replacement turrets and barrels set is the answer to the Trumpeter kit shortcomings. The detail in the turrets, such as the rivets and turret tops, are much more refined and, well, just look a heck of a lot better. Each turret is
unique and identified as turret “A”, “B”, “X” and “Y” on the part base and, according the
Model Monkey website, on the inside of the turret top. Each 3D printed part incorporates the subtle differences that each turret had. The 3D printed gun barrels are
also done well and paired off to easily fit into the interior of the turrets, no need for turned brass versions. My only quibble is that the bores could be a little deeper, but that can be addressed by carefully drilling them out a bit.
Using the Model Monkey HMS Hood turrets set, along with their HMS Hood funnels set (also reviewed on Steel Navy), will certainly improve your build of the Trumpeter kit. The turrets may also be used to replace the turrets in the White Ensign or
Iron Shipwrights kit if you happen to have one in your stash. My thanks to Model Monkey for providing the review sample.

Felix Bustelo
New York