As Steve Larsen, Major Domo of Model Monkey, has so pithily stated, "The Banner/Mini Hobby Models kit's directors are little more than plastic blobs." Perhaps
that is the reason that Steve buckled on his CAD assault suit and whipped up accurate USN Mk 19 Directors in 1:350 scale. Designed by Steve based on
's research at the National Archives, and produced by Shapeways, you get all of the different doors and ports proliferating the surface of the Mk 19 Director, all
of which are crisply done with CAD 3D printing. In addition to photographs of the Mk 19 Directors, there are photographs of the Mk 19 parts on the
Model Monkey
USS Pennsylvania
, superstructure and CAD drawings found on the Model Monkey web site. Don't forget to wash the parts with mild detergent to release Shapeways
printing agent and to sun cure them for about a couple of hours before painting.
Steve Backer