Many decades ago I built my first plastic model warship.t was the USS Arizona by Revell with the garish orange and yellow sky on the box art. The kit was new then
and was one of the first Revell kits to depart from the flat bottom initial ship kits by Revell. As a young kid, I had problems getting the tripods right. I still remember the
Arizona control tops with their crenellated design. Since that Arizona kit from the 1950s, each following Arizona kit, regardless of scale, had the same crenelated
design. This allowed open windows for the control tops but required a huge amount of sanding to get rid of the seams between the windows. The Banner/HobbyBoss
1:350 scale
USS Arizona followed the same design of control tops as the half century old Revell Arizona. However, this time there is a simple and elegant solution
rather than undertaking hours of tedious sanding. That solution is
Model Monkey control tops. Model Monkey produces one piece control tops in 1:350 scale for USS
, as well as for USS Pennsylvania. There photographs show the Model Monkey control tops for the Pennsy. Just look at the photos of the Model Monkey
product next to the Banner/HobbyBoss part. Which one makes more sense to you?
Model Monkey has the perfect solution for the control tops for either USS Pennsylvania or USS Arizona in 1:350 scale. These one-piece resin control tops are an
elegant, clean, and outstanding solution to replace the plastic parts in the Banner/HobbyBoss
Arizona kit.
Steve Backer