For April we will start the month with a Mystery Model. This kit was released over a year ago but many modelers have not seen it. It certainly is off the beaten path, especially for a major warship that was anchored off Ford Island at Pearl Harbor on
December 7, 1941. On the message board, can you name the ship, manufacturer and scale?
Rick Heinbaugh hit it with, "Looks to me like the Loose Cannon USS Curtiss (AV-4). My goodness, gracious! How cool that we can say "I think
this is this 1/700 seaplane tender kit" and then say "no, I think it is that 1/700 seaplane tender kit". (And I know this is not the old USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) kit from whoever that was.) Who would have ever dreamed that we
would have multiple different seaplane tenders to choose from? A Golden Era indeed."