More and more 1:700 scale kits are of the warships of the Imperial German Navy. Whether it is one of the numerous resin kits from Combrig, a resin kit from NNT or another company, or a plastic kit from ICM or Flyhawk, there is a need for
turned brass gun barrels to enhance the modelers build.
NNT has a whole series of turned brass gun barrels for the Kaiser's fleet. Two of these packs are looked at here. First is the 28cm, 11-Inch, gun barrel. Found on the final two classes of
predreadnought battleships, the
Nassau Class, von der Tann, the Moltke Class and Seydlitz, there are resin kits of the Braunschweig Class predreadnoughts, von der Tann, Seydlitz and the Moltke Class. These brass barrels with their hollow
muzzles are perfect for adding that final fine touch in their construction. Even more useful are the brass barrels for the almost universal secondary gun, the 15cm, 5.9-Inch gun. Found on the battleships, battlecruisers and armored cruisers of the
High Seas Fleet, these babies have almost universal use. The 28cm guns come ten per pack, which is fine for any of the battlecruiser models or
Braunsweig Class predreadnoughts but two barrels short to outfit a Nassau Class battleship when they
become available. The 15cm barrels come twelve per pack, which will cover almost any model. The barrels length or caliber is not mentioned.
The turned brass barrels from NNT in 1:700 scale for the Imperial German Navy's 28cm, (11-Inch) and 15cm (5.9-Inch) guns are an excellent final touch for the growing number of models available in this scale from numerous manufacturers. Warp
free and with finely defined hollow gun muzzles, they are sure to enhance your model.

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama