Produced by NNT Modell, the HDMS Absalon L16 Combat Support Ship is on the top list of the best 1/700 resin kits I have built so far! The kit
includes a small photo etch fret as well as a set of 2x decal sheets, giving the modeller a choice to build the second ship of this class,
HDMS Esbern
(L17). A detailed review of this 1/700 model is available here: Minor changes are needed to build a
very good looking model.

I used a resin
White Ensign Models Lynx helicopter (Ref. AS7056) with photo etch rotor blades modified with a scratch radar dome under the nose
in order to represent the correct version in use by the Royal Danish Navy with a port side .50 Machine Gun as used in counter-piracy missions. All
details in the Lynx helicopter were painted with Sakura 30081 Pigma Micron Blister Card 005 Ink Pen, 0.20-mm (Black colour). The (extended)
accommodation ladder (not included as PE part in this kit) and the internal RHIB on the port side bay of this model, creates an additional point of
interest around this overall good looking 1/700 model. The handling cranes inside the bays to load and recover the RHIBS from the water are also
supplied. I replaced the original double Harpoon launchers with quadruple Harpoon launchers and, (as usual) 0,12mm harpsichord strings and Generic
PE hand rails were also used to complete this model.

There are two gates at the stern of this ship. The smallest one is used to launch and recover the ships boats and the bigger one is used to load vehicles
(as heavy as Leopard 2 MBT) via a large ramp, not included in the kit. However, both stern gates can be fixed in the opened or closed configuration.
The ships boats (Storebro SB90E) and RHIB's (2 of each type) are very well detailed! I also used the Sakura 30081 Pigma Micron Blister Card 005
Ink Pen to paint the details on the Storebro SB90E ship boats.
Extra items and improvements on this model

Resin 1/700 Lynx Helicopter with PE parts (WEM AS 7056);

MK 141 Harpoon quadruple missile launchers (4x) from JAG Collective;

0,12mm harpsichord string for the antennas (4x);

Photo etched Life Buoys (4x) (Eduard 17521);

Photo etched .50 cal Browning machine guns (6x) from USN Modern Weapon II (Flyhawk 700085);

Photo etched .50 Machine gun at Lynx port side;

Salute guns (2x);

Generic PE hand rails.

I decided to represent this model in his natural environment (water), providing a more impressive presentation of this model alongside with a  
Storebro SB90E ship boat near the port side accommodation ladder.
Although it required about 50 hours to complete this project, I can say it's a very straight forward building model and a must have kit for those
modellers looking for modern warships at 1/700 scale! Congratulations to
NNT Modell for such a great kit.
Ayala Botto
Lisbon, Portugal