This model of the SMS Fürst Bismarck by NNT in 1:700 scale has been built out of the box. The kit includes a small diorama base made out of plaster
of Paris, representing  a small sea-base in some (Kiel?) channel. Contrary to my normal way of representing ships I used this small base, adding some
trees built by
Reiner Vögel out of wire and HO accessories.

As usual I have used acrylic colors, this time Revell colors and a sand aircraft color from White Ensign for German tropical livery. The rigging is black
colored stretched sprue The red stripe has been made by stripes from Pit Road Japanese aircraft decals, which are excellent for this purpose. The
photos have been made by
Reiner Vögel. I really enjoyed building this little gem and I do hope that NNT will realize more of that stuff in the future.
Norbert Thiel
Bad Säckingen, Germany