When I first looked at the USS Smith DD-17 kit from Chuan Yu Model in 1:200 scale, my biggest disappointment was the lack of anchors in the kit. (Review of Chuan Yu Model 1:200 Scale USS Smith DD-17). The destroyer was built without
hull side anchor hawse and therefore did not use stockless anchors. What was needed were stocked anchors of the correct size to rest on the forecastle anchor wash boards and I didn't know where to find those. I sure do know now where to find
them, from Baghdad. Actually that is Baghdad, Florida, the home of
Nautilus Models. James Corley, major domo of Nautilus, moved from the Marietta, Georgia and the congestion of Atlanta, Georgia, to the scenic wonders of Baghdad, Florida,
and now has a new set of 3D printed parts just for the
Smith kit. The Nautilus Models USS Smith DD-17 Weapons Set in 1:200 scale is perfect for the model from Chuan Yu Model. It can also be used for any other 1:200 scale kit for early USN
destroyers that used stocked anchors, 3-inch guns or twin torpedo tubes.
USS Smith originally carried three single torpedo tubes, not twin mounts but by 1916 twin tubes replaced the single tubes on the Smith Class. I don't know of any other kit
that fits this description other than the Chuan Yu Model kit. As the label states, this is a weapons set, not an anchor set. The anchors are only a small part of the set. You get three stocked anchors, six 3-inch guns with separate base mounts and gun
blocks, and four twin torpedo mounts for the WWI 1916 fit.
All of the parts are beautifully done with the fineness of 3D printing abundantly evident. My set came with two blocks of torpedo tubes with two twin mounts on each block. The parts are set off from the printing frame by very thin stalks that are
easily cut with small scissors. Clean up is very minimal, basically removing any remnants of the stalks from the parts. The
Smith carried five 3-inch guns and Chuan Yu provided six one piece guns, which combined the mount and gun block, plus
separate turned brass barrels.
Nautilus Models provides six two-piece 3-inch guns, with a separate base mount and gun block, plus the kit's brass barrels for each gun. The Nautilus parts are significantly more detailed than the kits parts and those
alone would justify acquiring the
Nautilus weapons set. Ahh, anchors, at last. Three anchors are provided in the set. They are very thin in the flukes and stocks, so be careful in removing them from their frames. One anchor in my sample had a
broken fluke and when I removed an anchor from the frame, I broke half of the stock. Only two are required for the model so you do have a comfort zone. These are a must for the
USS Smith kit, as they have a prominent place on the forecastle.
The four twin tube torpedo mounts are spectacular with extremely fine detail, including the seat for the torpedo man. Unfortunately, the
Smith as originally built, carried single tubes, not twin tubes. The first USN destroyer class that carried twin
18-inch torpedo tubes was the
Paulding Class DD-22, the immediate successor to the Smith Class. However, by 1916 the Smith had her single tube mounts replaced by the twin tube mounts. Just compare the parts for the kit provided single
tubes with the
Nautilus twin tubes and you'll be building the Smith as of 1916 just to use the Nautilus torpedo mounts.
If you already have the Chuan Yu 1:200 scale model of the first Flivver, USS Smith DD-17, or are thinking about getting one, the Nautilus Models USS Smith DD-17 Weapons Set is essential. The 3D printed 3-inch guns are two-piece, rather than
the one-piece guns in the kit. You get anchors for the model, which are lacking in the kit. There are eye-popping twin torpedo tubes with the set that are used for a 1916 fit of the
Smith. This set from Nautilus is a must have for anyone that has the kit.

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama