Recently I completed a diorama with the Royal Netherlands Navy carrier Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman, entering the harbor of Toulon on November 3, 1967.  
The model kit is from the Dutch nautical firm Naval Models. It is the former Heller model “
FNS Arromanches” with a large photo-etch, decal and resin
set, to complete as the Dutch carrier, as it looked after the major refit in 1958. (Angled deck, new island, new Holland Signaal Radars, new steam
catapult) The
Acharné Class harbor tugs, the S2A Grumman Trackers, Lockheed Neptune are from L'Arsenal. The crew is from North Star.

This carrier started out as the Royal Navy light fleet carrier “
HMS Venerable” 1945-1948. From 1948 until 1968 it served the Dutch defense Force.
From 1969 until 1999 it served the Armada Republica Argentine (ARA) as the “
ARA 25 de Mayo” She was scrapped in the year 2000 in Alang India.
Dirk Derks
IJzendijke, The Netherlands