The 3-inch/50 caliber gun dates back to the early 1900s, with the Mark 2 version fitted on the Bainbridge class destroyers and the Connecticut class battleships.
Subsequent Marks were incremental improvements to the gun and the Mark 22 was the main gun for many smaller warships, such as destroyer escorts, frigates,
minesweepers and submarines. The 3-inch/50 caliber gun was an open, pedestal-type, dual-purpose mount. Although considered to be dual-purpose weapons, these
guns had limited effectiveness in either role, as they fired light-weight shells and were manually operated. Still they were extensively used and about 14,000 guns were
produced between 1940 and 1945.

Niko Model offers a resin accessory set with four 3-inch/50 caliber Mk. 22 guns in 1:350 scale. These are the same parts that are provided with Niko’s 1:350 scale
USS Spencer and YMS kits. Each unit is comprised of four parts. The largest are the actual gun and the mount/base. The other two I am not 100% certain but based
on a best guess looking at some diagrams; they are the firing solenoid and a gunner’s seat. Unfortunately a parts description is not provided. The casting of the parts is
generally good, though some minor cleanup is required. The parts come packaged in a blister pack stapled to thin cardboard backing that also has the assembly
instructions printed on it. There is an image of the parts with corresponding part numbers and assembly diagrams with two different side views. The assembly diagrams
are adequate since the mounts are not complex builds.
This weapon upgrade set could be used to replace the plastic 3-inch/50 caliber guns in the Trumpeter USS England kit or maybe those found in some resin kits if you
feel that these are better versions. This accessory is available through various retailers that are Steel Navy sponsors. My thanks to Niko Model for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo