The German vehicle manufacturer Opel AG produced a 3-ton medium truck that would come to be known as the "Blitz. The Opel Blitz design was very
conventional – the chassis had six wheels (the rear axle wheels doubled as pairs), an engine compartment at the front with the driver's cab directly aft
and a rear cargo bed.

It’s adaptability to many different roles was a major reason that it would become the mainstay for the Wehrmacht. In its standard transport version, it
could move all kinds of supplies as well as transport troops and general passengers. The truck could be converted to specific military purposes such as
mobile radio stations, ambulances, command posts and field offices for higher-ranking officials.
Niko Models is better known for its ship models kits
but they have a fairly extensive line of accessories and their 1:350 scale Opel Blitz is just one example. The parts come packaged in a plastic bag stapled
to thin cardboard backing that also have the assembly instructions printed on it. This is not a complex build, so the assembly diagram is simple and to
the point. You get enough parts to build three trucks and you have the option of building them either with an open cargo bed or with a canvas cover.

Each truck is comprised of the main body, an optional canvas cover and the single forward and doubled rear wheels. The casting generally good with a
fair amount of detail, but the parts require some clean-up to remove excess resin in spots. The planking in the cargo bed is effectively reproduced as are
the wood boards that enclose the cargo bed. The optional canvas covers are also effectively done, showing the sagging over the underlying frame ribs.
One thing I did notice looking at the underside of the trucks is that a bit of plastic rod is used to represent the driveshaft. These appear to be added to
the resin casting which would explain why one of the three in my package was missing one and the bit of rod was loose in the bag.
There are numerous applications and diorama possibilities with these trucks, such as a dockyard or pier-side scene bringing supplies to a Kriegsmarine
ship or U-Boat. These little
Niko trucks are a quick and relatively inexpensive way to add a little life to scene and they are available at various retailers
that are Steel Navy sponsors.
Felix Bustelo
The Bronx Blitzer