Niko Models has a rather extensive catalog of diorama accessories and their latest releases are three different engineering machines: a caterpillar crane, roller and
bulldozer. This equipment was utilized in building of airstrips, camps, dockyards and just about any type of facility needed for the war effort whether in forward combat
areas or the home front. All three offerings come in a blister pack with assembly instructions printed on the cardboard backing. The casting for all sets is very good
with great detail. Some minor cleanup is needed to remove parts from casting plugs or runners or eliminating some resin casting film. The assembly instructions are
straight-forward but there are no painting guides, though a safe color bet would be olive drab.
Bulldozer - Set ZW 3528X has resin parts to assembly three bulldozers, with each unit comprising of the bulldozer body, blade and roll bar.
Caterpillar Crane - Set ZW 3526X has resin parts to assembly two generic style cranes. Each crane is comprised of three parts – a boom, cab and base. Add a photo-
etch crane hook, which is not provided, and some wire for the rigging and you are good to go

Motorized Roller - Set ZW 3527X has resin parts to assembly three rollers. Each roller is comprised of two parts – the roller and a canopy. Four canopies are included in
case you need a spare.
These little engineer machines could be used in many diorama scenes: dockside being loaded on a Liberty Ship or even working on the docks or in a Seabees vignette
clearing ground for an airstrip on a Pacific atoll. Whatever you have in mind, these sets from
Niko Models will fit the bill. My thanks to Niko Models for the review
Felix Bustelo