Wooden cargo crates were a common site on docks prior to the time when large shipping containers became the standard.  Niko Models has an extensive catalog of
diorama accessories and they offer two sets of wooden cargo boxes, one with large crates and one with smaller crates. Both offerings come in a blister pack.

Set ZW 3507X, Small Cargo Wooden Boxes, provides a total of 12 smaller crates with two each of six styles. Set ZW 3508X, Large Cargo Wooden Boxes, has 5
different crates. The casting for all sets is very good with nice detail and needing only minor cleanup is needed to remove parts from casting plugs or runners.
These sets would look great in a dockside scene waiting to be loaded on to a Liberty Ship or a peacetime scene with cargo ship or liner. You will probably need to buy a
few sets in order to fill up the dock properly but they are relatively inexpensive.
Felix Bustelo