The Studebaker US6 (G630) was a family of 2 1⁄2-ton 6x6 and 5 ton 6x4 trucks manufactured by the Studebaker Corporation and REO Motor Car Company during
World War II. A total of 219,882 2 1⁄2-ton 6x6 and 5-ton 6x4 trucks in thirteen variations were built. Studebaker was the primary manufacturer, building 197,678,
while REO sub-contracted 22,204 more. Large numbers of Studebaker trucks were sent into the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease. They were used for many purposes
by the Red Army and they were well liked for their ruggedness and reliability. The truck was affectionately known as the “Studer” by Soviet troops. One of the
variations built was a 6x6 fuel tanker with a 750 gallon capacity, which is the subject of this set from
Niko Model. The parts come packaged in a plastic bag stapled to
thin cardboard backing that also have the assembly instructions printed on it. This is not a complex build, so the assembly diagram is simple and to the point. You get
enough parts to build three trucks. Each truck is comprised of the main body and the tires in resin and a photo-etch windshield frames. The casting is generally good
with a fair amount of detail, but the parts require some clean-up to remove small casting plugs on the roof and some excess resin in spots. The photo-etch windshields
have windshield wipers which is a nice little detail.
This set is a good addition to Niko’s line of resin vehicles that are very useful for dioramas. They are available at various retailers that are SteelNavy sponsors. My
thanks to
Niko Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo