Ropes are a common sight on ships and when not in use they are neatly stored coiled or laid out in a figure eight shape. Modelers would have to somehow coil
sewing thread or perhaps thin wire to represent these on a ship model, which quite frankly can be a pain in the behind or be a little out of scale.
North Star Models
has released a neat photo-etch set to deal with this dilemma. The brass fret provides 12 figure eight shaped ropes and 14 coiled ropes in beautiful relief etching.
Each coil has a length of rope off to the side. A modeler can paint the coil and bring out highlights with some dry brushing.
This set is a great idea and can be used to add extra detail to your 1:350 scale ship models, especially a sailing ship or a late 1800s and early 1900s steam vessel where
such rope coils were more common on decks. My thanks to
North Star Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo