Many Imperial Russian battleships and cruisers had ornate bow and stern crests. This set is meant to be used on kits produced by Zvezda and Combrig and provides several styles of relief etched
designs. Some
Combrig kits have the bow and stern crests as part of their photo-etch but they are not nearly as well done as those provided here.  North Star calls this set “Russian Empire
Battleship Arms (Insignia)” but that may be a misnomer because I spot what I believe to be the distinctive bow works for the cruiser
Boyarin which is completely missing from the Combrig kit.
There is no placement guide as to what crest corresponds to what ships which would have been very helpful.
The other set provides the Deutsche Kriegsmarine eagle and swastika emblem that were fitted to the stern on capital ships and over the front bridge face of destroyers and torpedo boats. Once
World War II began, these were removed from German warships with the exception of
Graf Spee which was already at sea when war was declared.  Again these emblems are beautifully done
in relief etch that really makes them pop. I am not certain if the smaller ones could be used on destroyers or if they are too large. Again no placement guide is provided but since these were fitted
on two possible locations this is really not an issue.
North Star Models has produced many specialized photo-etch sets to add extra details and this pair is a good example of these offerings. These two sets can be purchased directly from
North Star Models or from Freetime/Pacific Front Hobbies and White Ensign Models.