When ships are docked at a pier, a gangway provides the means to get off and on the ship. So if you have a ship model in a dockside scene, it wouldn’t look right
without a gangway. Well
North Star Model has produced a photo-etch set with 11 gangways in 7 different styles/lengths. The brass has very good relief etching and
the variety of gangways enables a modeler to find the correct one for your dockside scene. There are no instructions but none are really required. All you have to do is
fold the handrails up, paint and glue into place.
This is a good set to have if you are planning a diorama or vignette with a ship tied up to a pier. I mean how else are the little sailors going to get off the ship for
liberty?  My thanks to
North Star Models for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo