Do you have a kit that requires the "Maximum Effort"? Real ships most often had fittings that diverted water from a porthole. Called a rigole, we call them porthole eyebrows. Very few models in 1:350
scale in plastic or resin portray this minute feature and in 1:700 scale, "Fugetaboutit".
North Star Models saw a need and steeped into the breech. Here are four different relief-etched brass frets with
nothing but porthole fittings. First we will look at two frets in 1:350 scale.
North Star set NSA, (which stands for North Star Askold not National Security Agency) 350042 has 165 fittings with raised
eyebrows. Set NSA 350043 mixes fittings with 90 portholes with eyebrows and 120 portholes without eyebrows. With both sets, the porthole fitting measures 1.2mm
Well thats great if you are building in 1:350 scale but what if your "Maximum Effort" is in 1:700 scale? North Star has you covered there as well. North Star set NSA 700021 has 234 portholes
with eyebrows in 1:700 scale. Just as in 1:350 scale,
North Star also produces a mixed fret with portholes with eyebrows and portholes without. This is North Star NSA 700022, which has 126
porthole fittings with eyebrows and 168 portholes without eyebrows. These fittings are 0.7mm in diameter.