The 4-inch Mk. XVI gun was the standard Royal Navy naval anti-aircraft and dual-purpose gun of World War II. The Mk. XVI replaced the earlier 4-inch Mk. V gun
and began being fitted on Royal Navy ships during the late 1930s and early 1940s. The Mk. XVI guns were commonly mounted on twin Mk. XIX mountings.
The 4-inch Mk. XVI gun/Mk. XIX twin mounts were rather ubiquitous across many Royal Navy ships. They were used as secondary armament on several classes of
Royal Navy battleships and cruisers and as the main armament on the
Abdiel-class fast minelayers, some destroyer classes and numerous classes of sloops and
frigates. North Star Models has recently released a number of Royal Navy armament and fitting upgrade sets. The Royal Navy 4-in Mk. XVI guns in Mk. XIX twin
mounts is just one example. The set, which comes bagged, provides enough parts to build four mounts and is comprised of resin and photo-etch parts and turned
brass barrels.

The resin parts are comprised of mount base, breech and shield. The detail in the resin parts is quite astonishing. The shield has individual rivets and the mount base
various mechanisms used to operate the gun. The casting of the parts in very clean, with only some resin film either fully or partially blocking the opening on the
shields. The parts come on a rather substantial casting runner and must carefully be removed, in particular the shield. The photo-etch is comprised of the elevation
gear, support bracing for the shield and the metal strip bisecting the shield opening. The elevation gear folds onto itself to give it some width. The etch looks good,
with some relief etching on the elevation gear. The set comes with eight beautifully turned brass barrels to complete the assembly. Resin barrels would likely have
either been too thin and easily broken or a bit out of scale to make them sturdier. The assembly instructions are printed on a double-side sheet of paper folded to fit
the bag. The assembly steps are fully illustrated with clear diagrams that also show what the parts should look like at the end of each step. As detailed as these mounts
are, the assembly is rather straight-forward and simple.
The North Star Models Royal Navy 4-in Mk. XVI guns in Mk. XIX twin mounts are the best that I have seen in this scale and are clearly better than any that are
provided in injection-plastic kits and even in most resin kits. If you need some to fit on your Royal Navy ship, I wouldn’t hesitate to get these if you want the most
detailed and accurate version of these gun mounts. My thanks to North Star Models for the review sample. Check with other Steel Navy retail sponsors for availability.
Felix Bustelo