North Star Models has been producing some quality detail and accessory sets and one of their newer offerings provides a variety of equipment found on the open
bridges of some World War II Royal Navy ships. This accessory set is comprised of four resin runners and a photo-etch fret. The parts include air-lookout sights, air-
defense officer’s sights, binnacles, peloruses and voice pipes. The first resin runner has 10 of the larger air-defense officer’s sights while the second runner has 20
pedestals for the smaller air-lookout sights. Runner number three has the tiny binoculars to complete the air-lookout sights, two binnacles, two peloruses and two sets
of voice pipes. The last runner has four of another style of air-defense officer’s sights and five more sets of voice pipes. The instructions for the set lead you to
believe that there two styles of voice pipes provided, one with a bar across the back of the pipes and one without. However, the voice pipes are all of the styles with
the crossbar. Regardless, the details are quite remarkable and the quality of the casting very good. Some clean up required to remove wisps of excess resin from the
voice pipes and on spots on some of the other parts.

The photo-etch fret provides seats and binocular supports for the air-lookout sights and seats for one of the air-defense officer sights. In addition, a chart table and
chair are included as well as a number of photo-etch cats!  The latter is rather whimsical but then again, a lot of ships did have feline mascots. The chart table looks
incorrect and it is slanted like a draftsman’s table. Normally a chart table would be flat topped so that instruments could be laid on top of the charts while plotting
without sliding off. A small instruction sheet is included which illustrates how to complete the items that require photo-etch as well as how to fold the chair and table.
This is an interesting set and can be used to add detail or replace kit parts for some larger Royal Navy ships like a cruiser or larger, as they would be fitted with the
larger air-defense officer’s sights. The smaller items would be suitable for smaller ships, like destroyers or frigates, as well as their larger counterparts. My thanks to
North Star Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo