North Star Models has released another interesting photo-etch detail set geared to Imperial Russian warships of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Now to be completely honest I don’t know if there are specific S- and L-Type davits or if that simply means “S”mall and “L”arge davits but this set
provides parts to make four of each type. The brass is beautifully relief-etched and it has pulley rigging as well as hand wheels and fittings for the
larger of the two davit styles. Building the davits require sandwiching parts together to give it some scale thickness. The instructions come as an insert
in the bag with the front having a keyed diagram of the fret and the flipside illustrated with some well done assembly diagrams. The front side of the
instructions says that these davits are for early 20th century Russian ships, specifically the
Boyarin, Aurora, Diana and Zhemchug. Combrig does
have a
Boyarin in 1/350 scale and as of this writing is planning to release the Aurora, which was the same class as the Diana but there is no
Zhemchug kit in this scale. Perhaps the folks at North Star are prognosticating about the latter?  In any case if you wish replace the resin davits that
come in the
Combrig kits with these photo-etch gems then I would say go for it.
Felix Bustelo
Boyar of Bayside