An In-Depth Photographic Look at Modern and Preserved Warships
USS Texas (BB-35) - August 24, 2000    
USS Iowa BB-61 in September 1986 - On September 24, 1986 the USS Iowa BB61 was visiting the famous Portsmouth Naval Base, United
Kingdom, home of
HMS Victory and HMS Warrior. Jeff Stevenson was one of the many Brits who visited the ultimate "Fast Battleship" that day.  
USS Missouri BB-63 (1989) Iowa Class Battleship
USS New Jersey BB-62 (1988) Iowa Class Battleship
USS Massachusetts (BB-59) South Dakota Class Battleship
USS Massachusetts Propeller Exhibit- Mark McKellar's photograph of the new exhibit at the Battleship, USS Massachusetts, Museum.
USS Alabama (BB-60) South Dakota Class Battleship  
USS North Carolina (BB-55)  Fast Battleship
Aircraft Carriers
USS Constellation CV-64, 2001 Hong Kong, Photographs by Hon Lin, Chiu - Hon Lim, Chiu would like to share his 38 pictures about the
retired aircraft carrier
USS Constellation (CV-64) with CVW-2 that visited Hong Kong in 2001.  
USS Oriskany CV-34, Last of the Essexes - For this Memorial Day, May 30, 2005, the Essex Class aircraft carriers can be remembered, as well as
the men that served aboard them. Built in greater numbers than any other fleet carrier, a handful are still left. Four are museum ships but that is not
the fate reserved for
USS Oriskany CV-34, the last Essex to be completed.  
USS Essex CVA-9, Essex Class Carrier in the Korean War - One of the squadrons assigned to USS Essex CVA-9 during a Korean War tour over
the winter of 1952-53 was VF-821, an activated naval reserve squadron based in New Orleans, Louisiana. VF-821 was flying the Panther F9F-2 and
one of the squadron members was AE2C
Gerald Warneke, who took these photographs. Gerald's son, Jon Warneke, sent in the photographs.  
USS Princeton CV-37, Essex Class Carrier in the Korean War - If you like the Essex Class carrier of the Grumann F9F Panther, you'll
appreciate these photographs taken aboard
USS Princeton CV-37 during the Korean War. These photos are from the collection of Ted Kauffman,
who was the Catapult officer on the
Princeton at the time. They were submitted by Alan Roy Millen, Ted Kauffman's son-in-law.  
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, CVN-69, Nimitz Class Carrier - USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 was the second ship of the Nimitz Class. The
Ike has been recently refitted at the yard at Norfolk Virginia.
Charles Landrum went to the base on March 12, 2005 to take a look at the new Ike
and took his camera.  
USS Wasp CV/CVS-18, Essex Class Carrier - In August 1970 Jeff Stevenson photographed USS Wasp, CV/CVS-18 in Plymouth Sound, United
USS Iwo Jima, LHD-7 - Andrew Dunikowski, USN has some great photographs of his ship, the USS Iwo Jima, LHD-7.
USS Saipan, LHA-2, LCDR Charles Landrum, USN served on USS Saipan from June 1998 to March 2000. He provides a photographic tour
from his time aboard, including V-22 Osprey trials.
USS Constellation CV-64 Kitty Hawk Class
USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 Wasp Class
USS Hornet CV/CVS-12 Essex Class
USS Chancellorsville CG-62, San Diego, Photographs by George Silvaney - The Ticonderoga Class, Aegis cruiser USS Chancellorsville CG-62
is shown at  San Diego ,  California  . All photographs were taken by
George Silvaney.
USS Shiloh CG-67, Fleet Week at San Francisco 2003, Photographs by John Leyland - In 2003, John Leyland was lucky to have a convention
in  San Francisco  coincide with Fleet Week. He went to the  Golden Gate  Bridge  and got some photos of the procession of ships. This is
Fleet Week at NYC May 2007, Photographs by Steve Berti - Steve Berti  couldn't have missed Fleet Week May 2007 in New York City, it was
right outside his window. Aegis ships were present in force with two
Ticonderoga Class guided missile cruisers, two Arleigh Burke Class guided
missile destroyers and a guided missile frigate tied up at the former navy station pier on Staten Island. Here are a few photographs he took of those
USS Horne CG-30, Belknap Class Guided Missile Cruiser - In April 1985 Phil Toy visited the USS Horne CG-30, Belknap Class Guided Missile
Cruiser in San Diego, California. Of course there are the overall shots but the majority of these 55 photographs taken of the
Horne by Phil are of
structure, armament and fittings of special interest to the modeler.
HMS Tiger & HMS Lion - Get into Jeff Stevenson's "Way-Back" machine and travel to Devonport Naval Base in August 1966 and again in August
1970 to see photographs Jeff took of some of Her Royal Majesty's finest. These are ships whose names have a very fine pedigree, cruisers
, HMS Lion, carrier HMS Ark Royal as well as submarine depot ships HMS Adamant and HMS Tyne.
Avrora, Russian Protected Cruiser, Museum in Saint Petersburg. Photographs and text by  Jean-Paul Binot.
Georgios Averoff, Greek Armored Cruiser launched in 1910. Photographs from  LCDR Charles Landrum, USN.
USS Olympia Protected Cruiser
USS Salem (CA-139) Des Moines Class Heavy Cruiser
USS Antietam (CG 54)  Ticonderoga Class Missile Cruiser
HMS Belfast Royal Navy Modified Town Class Cruiser