Some of you may have heard of Pontos Models. Pontos from South Korea does produce wooden decks for plastic
kits but the company tends to provide more than just the decks. They tend to include photo-etch, metal parts,
sometimes resin replacement parts and sometimes decals. This review is on the
Pontos Models upgrade set for the
Dragon 1:350 scale kit for the USS Independence CVL-22. This deck is labeled type 1 1943. For this kit, Pontos
includes a pre-stained wooden deck, photo-etch parts for deck fittings and decals that can be used on the wooden
deck. Below you will notice the deck, already pre-stained blue to match the stain used by the USN for the World War
Two carriers. You'll notice that not only do you get a finely executed wooden deck with the planking but also the fitting
locations, most of which
Pontos has included the fittings on the included brass photo-etch fret.
Next, we will look at the deck fittings included by Pontos to attach to the wooden deck. The largest pieces are for the
metal support plates surrounding the deck elevators. Pontos includes four such fittings, two each in two different styles.
Which pattern you use depends upon the ship and fit being modeled. The fret apparently has fittings for the early flight
deck (1943) and later fits. The catapult track is another part included. All of the arrestor fittings are present.
For the 1943 fit for USS Independence, Pontos provides a complete set of decals. Whether this reflects that the kit
supplied decals won't adhere to a wooden deck, I do not know. However the
Pontos decals are there for a reason. The
decall sheet has the large black 22 deck numbers, various colored deck lines, and no smoking island markings. As an
additional bonus Pontos provides anchor chain. Instructions are found on a card with one side for placing the photo-etch
fittings on the deck and the other side for placement of the decals.