To be very technical, a mooring bitt is a paired iron post mounted aboard a ship used to secure mooring lines. Bitts can also be mounted on a wharf, pier or quay. A
bollard is really a single vertical post used for the same purpose. Because of this similarity, the terms are used interchangeably when in fact they are really two different
things. Whatever you wish to call them, on most plastic ship models these are represented as two straight poles and on some resin kits they are either not fully formed
or missing all together.

Rainbow Model offers three different sets, in terms of sizes, of turned brass and photo-etch bollards (aka bitts). The Large Size (Bollards I - Rb3565), Middle Size
(Bollards II - Rb3566) and Small Size (Bollards III Rb3567) are identical in terms of execution. Each set has 16 turned brass posts to make 8 bitts. Each post has a
slightly larger top and are cleanly done. Each set has a photo-etch fret with three styles of base plates. The base plates are a little different with each set. Each
photo-etch fret also has two jigs to help drill openings that are accurately spaced out to fit the base plate and posts. You certainly get more base plates than needed given
the amount of posts provided. Each set has a simple instruction sheet showing that you first need to remove the plastic bitts and then use the jig to drill the openings for
the new posts with your choice of base plate. The instructions say that these bollards/bitts are recommended for Imperial Japanese Navy subjects but I think that they
are generic enough to use for ships of any nationality.
These sets from Rainbow Model will help improve your ship model with more in-scale version of mooring bitts and are worth the effort to replace the kit versions.
My thanks to Rainbow Model for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo