Rainbow Model Set RB 3551, Imperial Japanese Navy cable reels and winches, is comprised of photo-etch brass and resin parts. There are two photo-etch frets with
parts for a total of 50 cable reels in six different styles and sizes. The fret also has handles in two sizes, which is something I have not seen on cable reel sets
produced by other photo-etch makers. The cable reels can be used on a variety of IJN ships from battleships and aircraft carriers to smaller combatants. The relief
etching is well done and adds some depth to the parts. The frets are identified as either A or B and the different styles are identified by a number etched into the fret.

A bonus that you get with this set that again I have not seen with cable reel sets offered by other producers are resin inserts that simulate the contents of the reels.
Usually the modeler would have to cut down plastic rod to add to the reels but the resin parts here look better, are premeasured and have some texture to them. A total
of 40, ten each of four different sizes, are provided. For only the smallest of the cable reels will the modeler need to cut down plastic rod. Each size is annotated with
a number etched into the casting runner. Another bonus with this set is the addition of six finely cast resin winches. A small, fully illustrated guide is included which
shows how to assembly the cable reels, with each type referenced by the combination of the brass fret letter and style number and the appropriate resin insert.
The IJN cable reels and winch set from Rainbow Model is not your typical set with the inclusion of resin cable inserts and winches. The brass is well done and the
resin casting clean. This set will add some good detail to any Imperial Japanese Navy ship model you are building. My thanks to Rainbow Model for providing the
review sample.
Felix Bustelo